Home and Office

Since 1970, the ultimate in natural plant care. Caring for your plants by appointment. I make house calls because that is what is best for the plant. I want to see where the plant lives (which is often a major factor in how well or how poorly the plant is doing). Everything your plants need can be done right where it lives. I am equipped on the first visit with everything your plants are most likely to need. Whether or not your plants are ailing, they will be healthier after my visit.

  • Feeding (up to a year of feeding in one visit)
  • Repotting
  • Pruning and shaping
  • Cleaning
2010 marks the 40th anniversary of the now-famous Plant Doctor "house call".
All-natural, always has been, always will be. I blend long-lasting, slow-release, natural fertilizers (based on your plants' needs). This service is available only to my house-call customers.

Perennial Edible (A Special Vegetable Garden)

Home-grown is the best food you will ever eat! The best home-grown comes from the best soil. The best soil is organic, rich in minerals, and bacterially very active. How do you make soil like that? The Plant Doctor knows and can help you.

You may believe (as many do) that a vegetable garden goes in around the last week of May, and is harvested throughout summer. There is a limit to how much you can plant in one weekend in May. I garden year-round. "Perennial edible" starts with an assortment of herbs and vegetables that are perennial (come back year after year). From there, all other work and planting is done from March until December. I am writing this in December, and today I harvested, weeded, planted, spread manure, and prepared a new bed for next year. Vegetables can be harvested throughout winter, and again in spring (from last year's planting). I can help you with all of this. I have been growing my own for most of my life.