About Keeping Them Alive

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From Canadian Garden News
Reviewer: Larry Hodgson
"The author has had a great deal of experience with interiorscaping... and much of the material is therefore based on first-hand experience with foliage plants in an indoor environment... By far the most interesting and original aspect of this book is the author's effort to always point out "natural" treatments for ailing houseplants... one of the few Canadian gardening books that doesn't read like it was completely lifted from an American or British publication. Rating: ***"


From Victoria Times-Colonist
Reviewer: Helen Chesnut
"... most comprehensive and congenial houseplant manual... This author strongly advocates a houseplant care program that is simple, reliable and safe... down-to-earth and entertaining style... clearly and pleasantly laid out."


From Charles Scribner's Sons, Publishers
Reviewer: Maron L. Waxman, Executive Editor
"It was good to meet you... at the Garden Writer's conference...
This is surely a sound and well-organized book, with easily accessible information."


From Owen Sound Sun Times
Reviewer: Jack Hinde
"...very interesting book! It is written for Canadians... contains no foreign or technical terminology... answers, in layman's terms, the questions that are most often asked of Randall... shares his knowledge and experiences... deals with the specific needs of the most common houseplants, including the solutions to the most common problems."


From Safer Agro-Chem Ltd.
inventors of Safer's Insecticidal Soap
Reviewer: S.F. Condrashoff, Technical Director
"Congratulations on creating a practical, easy-to-read manual on care of interior plants!"


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